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A Study On Secured Authentication And Authorization In Internet Of Things: Potential Of Blockchain Technology

Syeda Mariam Muzammal, Raja Kumar Murugesan
Published 2019 · Computer Science

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With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) and its influence in various use case scenarios, it can be expected that IoT services will create a global reach. Smart cities, smart grids, smart industries, smart wearables etc. are some examples of IoT services today. Besides all the benefits that IoT provide, security issues of these services and data generated by IoT are of major concern. Traditional security practices of authentication and authorization have been initially designed for security needs of centralized client/server models which are good to deal with human-machine interaction over the Internet. In centralized systems, normally devices and users are trusted for being in the same application domain. Moreover, such systems can become a bottleneck for a number of queries at the same time; or may become a single point of failure causing unavailability of connected devices that are totally relying on a single trusted party. This paper explores the IoT security issues and concerns. Moreover, it provides a review of centralized and decentralized IoT security solutions in terms of authentication and authorization. Additionally, it discusses how Blockchain technology can be leveraged to provide IoT security.
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