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Polypropylene Wax (PPw)/silica Hybrid By In Situ Non-aqueous Sol–gel Process For Preparation Of PP/silica Nanocomposites

Jun Qian, H. Zhang, G. Cheng, Zhijuan Huang, S. Dang, Yongshen Xu
Published 2010 · Materials Science

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This paper presented a novel approach to prepare PP/silica nanocomposites. First, PPw-g-KH570 (γ-methacryloxypropyl trimethoxysilane) was obtained by pre-irradiation grafting method and characterized by FTIR and TGA. Then the non-aqueous sol–gel gelation kinetics of TEOS (tetraethoxysilane)-formic acid system in xylene was researched. Subsequently PPw/silica hybrid was obtained by in situ non-aqueous sol–gel reaction of TEOS in the presence of PPw-g-KH570 solution in xylene. Finally PP/silica nanocomposites were prepared by blending of PP matrix and PPw/silica hybrid. The mechanism of in situ formed PPw/silica hybrid was proposed. The morphology of PPw/silica hybrid and microstructures of PP/silica nanocomposites were characterized by TEM and SEM. The mechanical and thermal properties of PP/silica nanocomposites were also well studied by tensile tests and DSC. It was showed that the nanosilica particles were well dispersed in PPw/silica hybrid with the aid of grafting KH570 due to co-condensation by grafted KH570 and TEOS. PPw/silica hybrid was well dispersed in PP matrix with good compatibility and strong interactions. The resulted PP/silica nanocomposites possessed better performance than that of pure PP matrix.
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