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Microhardness Studies On As-grown Faces Of NaClO3 And NaBrO3 Crystals

K. Rao, V. Surender, B. Rani
Published 2002 · Materials Science

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Single crystals of NaClO3 and NaBrO3 are grown from their aqueous solutions at a constant temperature of 35°C by slow evaporation by using good quality seed crystals. Systematic microhardness studies are made on as-grown faces of these crystals at various loads. Typical cracks are observed at the corners of the impressions in NaClO3 whereas in addition to the cracks at the corners microcracks also appeared in NaBrO3 crystals around the impressions. The impressions formed in NaBrO3 are not very clear as in NaClO3, a possible mechanism for it is discussed. The work hardening index number(n) for both these crystals is around 1.6 suggesting that these are moderately harder samples. The hardness studies point out that NaBrO3 is harder than NaClO3 (ΔH≈ 100 kg/mm2,this could be due to strong inter ionic forces acting between Na-Br in NaBrO3 crystals. Using Gilman’s empirical relation, hardness values are calculated from the values of elastic constants (C44) and are found to be close to the experimental results.
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