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Alignment Of Genetic Maps And QTLs Between Inter- And Intra-specific Sorghum Populations

F. A. Feltus, G. Hart, K. Schertz, A. M. Casa, S. Kresovich, S. Abraham, P. Klein, P. J. Brown, A. Paterson
Published 2006 · Biology, Medicine

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To increase the value of associated molecular tools and also to begin to explore the degree to which interspecific and intraspecific genetic variation in Sorghum is attributable to corresponding genetic loci, we have aligned genetic maps derived from two sorghum populations that share one common parent (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench accession BTx623) but differ in morphological and evolutionarily distant alternate parents (S. propinquum or S. bicolor accession IS3620C). A total of 106 well-distributed DNA markers provide for map alignment, revealing only six nominal differences in marker order that are readily explained by sampling variation or mapping of paralogous loci. We also report a total of 61 new QTLs detected from 17 traits in these crosses. Among eight corresponding traits (some new, some previously published) that could be directly compared between the two maps, QTLs for two (tiller height and tiller number) were found to correspond in a non-random manner (P<0.05). For several other traits, correspondence of subsets of QTLs narrowly missed statistical significance. In particular, several QTLs for leaf senescence were near loci previously mapped for ‘stay-green’ that have been implicated by others in drought tolerance. These data provide strong validation for the value of molecular tools developed in the interspecific cross for utilization in cultivated sorghum, and begin to separate QTLs that distinguish among Sorghum species from those that are informative within the cultigen (S. bicolor).
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