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Experimental Investigation On Heat Transfer Characteristics Of An Oblique Finned Microchannel Heat Sink With Different Channel Cross Sections

R. Vinoth, D. Senthil Kumar
Published 2018 · Physics

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The heat transfer and flow characteristics of oblique finned microchannel heat sink with a dimension of 48 × 80 mm2 were investigated experimentally with different channel cross-sections. The three-channel cross sections were namely trapezoidal, square and semi-circle is analyzed by using Al2O3/water nanofluid with 0.25% volume fraction and water as a coolant. The experiments were performed with a constant mass flow rate of 0.1 LPM and varying heat flux ranging from 5.5 to 26.5 kW/m2. The temperature and pressure drop across the inlet and outlet of the microchannel heat sink were measured to obtain heat and flow characteristics. The result shows that trapezoidal cross-section performs better and it provides 8.5 and 10.3% increased heat transfer rate than square and semi-circle cross sections respectively. Similarly, it gives 6.6 and 8.2% increase in friction factor than square and semi-circle respectively. Also, the case with trapezoidal cross-section creates lesser thermal resistance and slightly higher pumping power among the three sections.
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