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Protoxylem: The Deposition Of A Network Containing Glycine-rich Cell Wall Proteins Starts In The Cell Corners In Close Association With The Pectins Of The Middle Lamella

U. Ryser
Published 2002 · Medicine, Biology

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Abstract. Antibodies were used to localise polysaccharide and protein networks in the protoxylem of etiolated soybean (Glycine max L.) hypocotyls. The deposition of glycine-rich proteins (GRPs) starts in the cell corners between protoxylem elements and xylem parenchyma cells. Finally, the GRPs form a network between two mature protoxylem elements. The network also interconnects the ring- and spiral-shaped secondary wall thickenings, as well as the thickenings with the middle lamellae of living xylem parenchyma cells. In addition to the GRP network, a polysaccharide network composed mainly of pectins is involved in the attachment of the secondary wall thickenings to the middle lamellae of xylem parenchyma cells.
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