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Endophytes Of Opium Poppy Differentially Modulate Host Plant Productivity And Genes For The Biosynthetic Pathway Of Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids

S. Pandey, Sucheta Singh, C. Babu, K. Shanker, N. K. Srivastava, A. Kalra
Published 2016 · Medicine, Biology

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AbstractMain conclusionEndophytes reside in different parts of the poppy plant and perform the tissue-specific functions. Most leaf endophytes modulate photosynthetic efficiency, plant growth, and productivity while capsule endophytes modulate alkaloid biosynthesis. Endophytes promote plant growth, provide protection from environmental stresses and are the source of important secondary metabolites. Here, we established that the endophytes of opium poppy Papaver somniferum L. may play a role in the modulation of plant productivity and benzylisoquinoline alkaloid (BIA) biosynthesis. A total of 22 endophytes isolated from leaves, roots, capsules and seeds of the poppy plants were identified. Isolated endophytes were used to inoculate the endophytes free poppy seeds and screened for their ability to improve plant productivity and BIA production. It was evident that the endophytes from leaf were involved in improving photosynthetic efficiency, and thus crop growth and yield and the endophytes from capsule were involved in enhancing BIA biosynthesis. Capsule endophytes of alkaloid-rich P. somniferum cv. Sampada enhanced BIA production even in alkaloid-less cv. Sujata. Expression study of the genes involved in BIA biosynthesis conferred the differential regulation of their expression in the presence of capsule endophytes. The capsule endophyte SM1B (Acinetobacter) upregulated the expression of the key genes for the BIA biosynthesis except thebaine 6-O-demethylase (T6ODM) and codeine O-demethylase (CODM). On the other hand, another capsule endophyte SM3B (Marmoricola sp.) could upregulate both T6ODM and CODM. Colonization of poppy plant by endophytes isolated from leaves, roots and capsules found to be higher in their respective plant parts confirmed their tissue-specific role. Overall, the results demonstrate the specific role of endophytes in the modulation of host plant productivity and BIA production.
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