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Clean Alternative For Adipic Acid Synthesis Via Liquid-Phase Oxidation Of Cyclohexanone And Cyclohexanol Over H3−2xCoxPMo12O40 Catalysts With Hydrogen Peroxide

Sihem Benadji, T. Mazari, L. Dermeche, N. Salhi, E. Cadot, C. Rabia
Published 2013 · Chemistry

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Adipic acid (AA) was synthesized from the oxidation of cyclohexanol (-ol), cyclohexanone (-one) and cyclohexanol/cyclohexanone (-ol/-one) mixture over a series of H3−2xCoxPMo12O40 (x: 0.0–1.5) Keggin-type polyoxometalates as catalysts in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (30 %) under mild conditions (90 °C, 20 h) and in solvent free. The heteropolysalts were prepared from H3PMo12O40 and Ba(OH)2 using the cationic exchange method and characterized by Infrared and diffuse reflectance UV–Vis spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction and TG analyses. The catalytic tests showed that salts are more efficient than the corresponding heteropolyacid and among the H3−2xCoxPMo12O40 (x: 0.25–1.5) series, H1Co1PMo12 exhibits the highest AA yield for whole substrates, with ca. 76, 53 and 43 % from oxidation of -one, -ol and -ol/-one, respectively.Graphical Abstract
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