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Photosynthetic Rate, Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters, And Lipid Peroxidation Of Maize Leaves As Affected By Zinc Deficiency

H. Wang, J. Jin
Published 2005 · Chemistry

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Pot trial in greenhouse was conducted using cumulic cinnamon soil from North China to study the effects of zinc deficiency on CO2 exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, the intensity of lipid peroxidation, and the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in leaves of maize seedlings. Zn deficiency resulted in a reduction of net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance to H2O. The maximum quantum efficiency of photosystem 2 (PS2) and the PS2 activity were depressed, while the pool size of the plastoquinone molecules was not affected by Zn deficiency. The content of super oxygen anion radical (O2·−) and the intensity of lipid peroxidation as assessed by malonyldialdehyde content in Zn-deficient leaves were higher than those in Zn-sufficient leaves. The activity of SOD increased with Zn application. The adverse influence of Zn-deficiency on the light stage of photosynthesis is probably one of possible reasons for the limitation of photosynthetic capacity in maize leaves.
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