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Regulation By Sucrose Of Storage Compounds Breakdown In Germinating Seeds Of Yellow Lupine (Lupinus Luteus L.), White Lupine (Lupinus Albus L.) And Andean Lupine (Lupinus Mutabilis Sweet): I. Mobilization Of Storage Protein

S. Borek, Szymon Kubala, S. Kubala
Published 2011 ·

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Research of the regulatory function of sucrose in storage protein breakdown was conducted on isolated embryo axes, excised cotyledons and whole seedlings of three lupine species grown in vitro on medium with 60 mM sucrose or without the sugar. Sucrose stimulated growth of yellow, white and Andean lupine isolated embryo axes and cotyledons but growth of seedlings was inhibited. Dry matter content was higher in sucrose-fed isolated organs and in seedling organs. Ultrastructure research revealed that lack of sucrose in the medium caused enhancement in storage protein breakdown. Protein deposits in cotyledons were smaller as well as soluble portion content in all studied organs was lower when there was no sucrose in the medium. In the same conditions, the activity of glutamate dehydrogenase was significantly higher. Increase in vacuolization of cells of white lupine root meristematic zone cells was observed and induction of autophagy in young carbohydrate-starved embryo axes is discussed.
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