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Efficacy Of Soy Protein Isolate As A Fat Replacer On Physico-chemical And Sensory Characteristics Of Low-fat Paneer

Sunil Kumar, Subramanian Balasubramanian, Amal Kumar Biswas, Manish Kumar Chatli, Suresh K. Devatkal, Jhari Sahoo
Published 2011 · Chemistry, Medicine
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The nutritional and textural properties of low fat paneer using soy protein isolate (SPI) as fat replacer was investigated. The physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of 4 types of paneer made of low-fat milk (3% milk fat (MF) and 10% solids-not-fat (SNF)) and SPI of 0 (T1), 0.1 (T2), 0.2 (T3) and 0.3% SPI (T4) were compared with high fat paneer (TC) made of high fat milk (6% MF and 9% SNF). CaCl2 (0.2%, w/v) was used as coagulant at 75 ± 1°C. Increased level of SPI in paneer increased yield, protein, ash, moisture content and decreased fat, moisture protein ratio, lactose and calorie contents. Titratable acidity and pH varied in narrow range. Instrumental firmness was higher (p ≤ 0.05) in T1-T4 than in TC. The gumminess, chewiness and firmness showed the same trend. Resilience and cohesiveness values showed no significant difference among the samples. Hunter colour L values showed a decreasing, and a and b values increasing trend with increasing levels of SPI. Sensory appearance and colour scores were lower (p ≤ 0.05) for T1-T4 than TC. More than 0.2% SPI imparted beany flavour to paneer.
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