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Activity Of Lipoprotein Lipase In Thyroidectomized Rats.

N. Škottová, L. Wallinder, G. Bengtsson
Published 1983 · Biology, Medicine

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Total plasma postheparin lipolytic activity as well as lipoprotein lipase activity in plasma was higher after heparin injection in thyroidectomized rats than in controls. In contrast, the activity of liver lipase was lower in thyroidectomized rats. Adipose tissue from thyroidectomized rats contained more lipoprotein lipase activity than adipose tissue from controls as measured both in extracts of tissue homogenates and medium from in vitro incubations of tissue pieces. There were no differences between control and hypothyroid rats in the disappearance of intravenously injected 125I-labeled lipoprotein lipase, but when a low dose of heparin was injected before the labeled enzyme, the disappearance of 125I-labeled lipoprotein lipase was more retarded in thyroidectomized rats. The elimination of heparin itself was slightly retarded by thyroidectomy.
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