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PCR Protocols: A Guide To Methods And Applications.

M. Innis, D. Gelfand, J. Sninsky, T. J. White
Published 1990 · Biology

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Basic Methodology: M.A. Innis and D.H. Gelfand, Optimization of PCRs. R.K. Saiki, Amplification of Genomic DNA. E.S. Kawasaki, Amplification of RNA. M.A. Frohman, RACE: Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends. T. Compton, Degenerate Primers for DNA Amplification. C.C. Lee and C.T. Caskey, cDNA Cloning Using Degenerate Primers. M.A. Innis, PCR with 7-Deaza-2~b7-Deoxyguanosine Triphosphate. G. Gilliland, S. Perrin, and H.F. Bunn, Competitive PCR for Quantitation of mRNA. A.M. Wang and D.F. Mark, Quantitative PCR. P.C. McCabe, Production of Single-Stranded DNA by Asymmetric PCR. S.J. Scharf, Cloning with PCR. U. Landegren, R. Kaiser, and L. Hood, Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay. C. Levenson and C.-A. Chang, Nonisotopically Labeled Probes and Primers. Y-M.D. Lo, W.Z. Mehal, and K.A. Fleming, Incorporation of Biotinylated dUTP. R. Helmuth, Nonisotopic Detection of PCR Products. D.H. Gelfand and T.J. White, Thermostable DNA Polymerases. S. Kwok, Procedure to Minimuze PCR-Product Carry-Over. E.S. Kawasaki, Sample Preparation from Blood, Cells, and Other Fluids. D.K. Wright and M.M. Manos, Sample Preparation from Paraffin-Embedded Tissues. S. P~ada~adabo, Amplifying Ancient DNA. Research Applications. M.J. Holland and M.A. Innis, In Vitro Transcription of PCR Templates. R. Higuchi, Recombinant PCR. B. Krummel, DNase I Footprinting. M.A.D. Brow, Sequencing with Taq DNA Polymerase. S.S. Sommer, G. Sarkar, D.D. Koeberl, C.D.K. Bottema, J.-M. Buerstedde, D.B. Schowalter, and J.D. Cassady, Direct Sequencing with the Aid of Phage Promoters. V.C. Sheffield, D.R. Cox, and R.M. Myers, Identifying DNA Polymorphisms by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis. H. Ochman, M.M. Medhora, D. Garza, and D.L. Hartl, Amplification of Flanking Sequences by Inverse PCR. M.A. Frohman and G.R. Martin, Detection of Homologous Recombinants. L.M. Powell, RNA Processing: Apo-B. T.R. Gingeras, G.R. Davis, K.M. Whitfield, H.L. Chappelle, L.J. DiMichele, and D.Y. Kwoh, A Transcription-Based Amplification System. K.D. Friedman, N.L. Rosen, P.J. Newman, and R.R. Montgomery, Screening of ~glgt11 Libraries. Genetics and Evolution. H.A. Erlich and T.L. Bugawan, HLA DNA Typing. J.S. Chamberlain, R.A. Gibbs, J.E. Ranier, and C.T. Caskey, Multiplex PCR for the Diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. S.B. Lee and J.W. Taylor, Isolation of DNA from Fungal Mtcelia and Single Spores. S.C. Kogan and J. Gitschier, Genetic Prediction of Hemophilia A. U. Gyllensten, Haplotype Analysis from Single Sperm or Diploid Cells. M.L. Sogin, Amplification of Ribosomal RNA Genes for Molecular Evolution Studies. T.J. White, T. Bruns, S. Lee, and J. Taylor, Amplification and Direct Sequencing of Fungal Ribosomal RNA Genes for Phylogenetics. Diagnostics and Forensics. G.D. Ehrlich, S. Greenberg, and M.A. Abbott, Detection of Human T-Cell Lymphoma/Leukemia Viruses. D.E. Kellogg and S. Kwok, Detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus. I. Baginski, A. Ferrie, R. Watson, and D. Mack, Detection of Hepatitis B Virus. Y. Ting and M.M. Manos, Detection and Typing of Genital Human Papillomaviruses. D. Shibata, Detection of Human Cytomegalovirus. H.A. Rotbart, PCR Amplification of Enteroviruses. D. Mack, O.-S. Kwon, and F. Faloona, Novel Viruses. J. Lyons, Analysis of ras Gene Point Mutations by PCR and Olgonucleotide Hybridization. M. Crescenzi, B-Cell Lymphoma: t(14 18) Chromosome Rearrangement. R.M. Atlas and A.K. Bej, Detecting Bacterial Pathogens in Environmental Water Samples by Using PCR and Gene Probes. S.-H. Park, PCR in the Diagnosis of Retinoblastoma. C. Orrego and M.C. King, Determination of Familial Relationships. Instrumentation and Supplies: R. Watson, PCR in a Teacup A Simple and Inexpensive Method for Thermocycling PCRs. P. Denton and H. Reisner, A Low-Cost Air-Driven Cycling Oven. N.C.P. Cross, N.S. Foulkes, D. Chappel, J. McDonnell, and L. Luzzatto, Modification of a Histokinette for Use as an Automated PCR Machine. C. Orrego, Organizing a Laboratory for PCR Work. R. Madej and S. Scharf, Basic Equipment and Supplies. Index.

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