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The Effect Of RGS12 On PDGFbeta Receptor Signalling To P42/p44 Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase In Mammalian Cells.

B. Sambi, M. Hains, C. Waters, M. Connell, F. Willard, A. Kimple, S. Pyne, D. Siderovski, N. Pyne
Published 2006 · Biology, Medicine

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We have previously shown that the PDGFbeta receptor uses a classical GPCR-mediated pathway in order to induce efficient activation of p42/p44 MAPK in response to PDGF. We therefore, considered the possibility that GTPase accelerating proteins (RGS proteins), which regulate GPCR signalling, modulate PDGFbeta receptor-mediated signal transmission. Several lines of evidence were obtained to support functional interaction between the PDGFbeta receptor and RGS12 in HEK 293 and airway smooth muscle cells. Firstly, the over-expression of the RGS12 PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus or RGS12 PTB domain reduced the PDGF-induced activation of p42/p44 MAPK. Secondly, the RGS12 PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus and RGS12 PDZ domain can form a complex with the PDGFbeta receptor. Therefore, the results presented here provide the first evidence to support the concept that the PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus and/or the PTB domain of RGS12 may modulate PDGFbeta receptor signalling. In airway smooth muscle cells, over-expressed recombinant RGS12 and the isolated PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus co-localised with PDGFbeta receptor in cytoplasmic vesicles. To provide additional evidence for a role of the PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus, we used RGS14. RGS14 has the same C-terminal domain architecture of an RGS box, tandem Ras-binding domains (RBDs) and GoLoco motif as RGS12, but lacks the PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus. In this regard, RGS14 exhibited a different sub-cellular distribution compared with RGS12, being diffusely distributed in ASM cells. These findings suggest that RGS12 via its PDZ/PTB domain N-terminus may regulate trafficking of the PDGFbeta receptor in ASM cells.
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