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Size Controlled Fabrication Of Cellulose Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery Applications

S. Chin, Fiona Beragai Jimmy, S. C. Pang
Published 2018 · Materials Science

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Abstract Spherically shaped cellulose nanoparticles with average particle diameter range between 70 and 365 nm were fabricated from cotton fibers by a simple nanoprecipitation method. The average particle diameter of cellulose nanoparticles could be precisely controlled by modulating the synthesis conditions such as cellulose solution concentration and volume ratio of solvent/non-solvent. Methylene blue (MB) as a model hydrophilic drug was loaded onto cellulose nanoparticles via the in-situ nanoprecipitation process. The loading efficiency and release profile of MB were observed to be affected by the average particle diameter of cellulose nanoparticles.
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