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Synthesis, Characterization, Cytotoxicity And DNA Binding Studies Of Fe3O4@SiO2 Nanoparticles Coated By An Antiviral Drug Lamivudine

Nahid Shahabadi, Aref Khorshidi, Hossein Zhaleh, Soheila Kashanian
Published 2018 · Chemistry
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Abstract Chemically, lamivudine is amino-1-[(2R,5S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-4,1,3-oxathiolan-5-yl]-1,2-dihydropyrimidin-2-one, that commonly named 3TC, is a water soluble potent nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor. The present protocol reports the covering of silica on the surface of Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) using Stober method via sol-gel process and preparation of magnetic Fe3O4@SiO2-lamivudine NPs via chemical co-precipitation procedure. The structural features of Fe3O4@SiO2-3TC NPs were characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy, TEM, FESEM, Zetasizer and TGA analyzer, observations. The obtained results from structural analysis clearly indicate the core-shell array with average sizes of 30 nm for Fe3O4@SiO2-3TC NPs. The in vitro cytotoxic activity of Fe3O4@SiO2-3TC NPs was explored against AGS and MCF-7 cancer cell lines in comparison with lamivudine using LDH colorimetric assay and differential staining cell death assay (Hoechst/Propodium Ioide). Achieved results revealed that the influences of Fe3O4@SiO2-3TC NPs on the cell lines were nearly two orders of magnitude higher than that of lamivudine. Furthermore, the spectroscopic methods proved that DNA used groove binding mode for aggregated on Fe3O4@SiO2-3TC NPs.
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