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Shrinkage Properties Of A Modified Dental Resin Composites Containing A Novel Spiro-orthocarbonate Expanding Monomer

Xiang Sun, Yuncong C Li, J. Xiong, Xiaoyi Hu, J. Chen
Published 2011 · Materials Science

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Abstract Objectives This study investigated the photopolymerization-induced shrinkage properties of conventional methacrylate-based composites modified by a novel spiro-orthocarbonate (SOC) expanding monomer. Methods The epoxy monomer and SOC expanding monomer were added to a methacrylate-based resin matrix at five different ratios ranging from 20 wt.% (SOC + Epoxy) (group 1) to 60 wt.% (SOC + Epoxy) (group 5). Volumetric shrinkage and contraction stress developing after polymerization were measured using X-ray micro-computed tomography and a universal testing machine, respectively. Results The volumetric shrinkage of the resin composite samples ranged from 0.92% (group 5) to 3.85% (control group) 30 min after light curing. Group 5 had the lowest volumetric shrinkage (p  Conclusion Including SOC expanding monomer reduced volumetric shrinkage and contraction stress of composites in comparison with conventional methacrylate-based composites.
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