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Facile Synthesis Of Fe3O4 Nanowires At Low Temperature (80 °C) Without Autoclaves And Their Electromagnetic Performance

H. Zhang, Jiahui Zhao, X. Ou
Published 2017 · Materials Science

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Abstract Facile oxidation-precipitation processes were designed to produce high-quality Fe3O4 nanowires at 80 °C in an oxygen-free environment without autoclaves. Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) was used as soft template in synthesis procedures to regulate the single-crystal growth of Fe3O4 along [1 1 0] direction. The as-prepared Fe3O4 nanowires were characterized to be spinel structure with diameters in the range of 5–80 nm and lengths up to several micrometers. Their saturation magnetization and coercivity were examined to be 74.6 A·m2·kg−1 and 6471.5 A·m−1 respectively. A maximum microwave absorption of −29.7 dB around 7.3 GHz was obtained as the Fe3O4 nanowires/paraffin composites were modulated in the thickness of 3.5 mm.
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