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Spectrophotometric And Chemometric Studies On The Simultaneous Determination Of Two Benzodiazepines In Human Plasma

Siavash Riahi, K. Bagherzadeh, Nazila Davarkhah, M. Ganjali, P. Norouzi
Published 2011 · Materials Science

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Abstract A numerical simple, accurate and precise method based on spectrophotometric data coupled with multivariate calibration methods, PLS and MLR, combined with GA was developed for the simultaneous determination of two benzodiazepines, Clobazam and Flurazepam. A data set of absorption spectra obtained from a calibration set of mixtures containing the compounds was used to build GA-PLS and GA-MLR models. The models were tested using a dataset constructed from the compound synthetic solutions. The better model was also applied to plasma samples. The proposed method requires no preliminary separation steps and can be used for these drugs analysis in quality control laboratories.
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