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A New Bipyrazolic Compound As Corrosion Inhibitor Of Armco Iron In 1M HCl Medium

P. Touhami, B. Hammouti, A. Aouniti, S. Kertit
Published 1999 · Chemistry

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The inhibitory effect of the new synthesized bipyrazolic compound 1,3-Bis(3,5-dichloromethylpyrazolyl) propane (BDCMPP) on the corrosion of Armco Iron in 1M HCl medium has been studied by weight loss, electrochemical polarisation and impedance studies. The maximum inhibition efficiency reached was about 90% at 10−3M. The inhibition effect is caused by geometrically blocking the surface of iron by adsorbed inhibitive molecules which follow an S-shaped adsorption isotherm.
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