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Cloning, Sequencing And Structural Analysis Of 976 Base Pairs Of The Promoter Sequence For The Rat Lipoprotein Lipase Gene. Comparison With The Mouse And Human Sequences.

L. Bey, J. Etienne, C. Tse, D. Brault, L. Noé, A. Raisonnier, F. Arnault, M. Hamilton, F. Galibert
Published 1998 · Medicine, Biology

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We cloned and sequenced the -976bp promoter of the rat lipoprotein lipase LPL gene. The sequence was compared with the mouse and human sequences. The homology between the rat and mouse LPL nucleotide sequences was not quite as strong in the promoter sequence as in the coding sequence. Among the 976nt promoter there were 118 divergences, i.e. 11.8%, compared to only 5.6% for the LPL coding region. However, within the 200nt immediately 5' to the transcriptional start site (proximal promoter), the divergence was only 4%. New potential cis-elements (such as CACCC, GATA, GC and GA boxes, IRS, Krox, MEF 2, E-box, CCArGG and 1/2 VDRE) were identified in the rat, mouse or human LPL gene.
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