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The Economic Valuation Of Farm Animal Genetic Resources: A Survey Of Available Methods

A. Drucker, V. Gómez, S. Anderson
Published 2001 · Economics

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Abstract Genetic erosion of domestic animal diversity has placed 30% of the world's breeds at risk of extinction, often as a result of government policy/programmes. Conservation and sustainable development of animal genetic resources (AnGR) require a broad focus that includes the many ‘adaptive’ breeds that survive well in the low external input agriculture typical of developing countries. Environmental economic valuation methodologies have an important role to play in supporting decisions regarding which breeds should be conserved and how this should be done. However, AnGR, in general, and valuation methods in particular, have received very little attention. This paper provides a survey of the methods available for the valuation of AnGR and the steps that must be taken in order to test some of the more promising methodologies in practice.
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