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Adhesion And Friction Of Polystyrene Surfaces Around Tg

Hongbo Zeng, N. Maeda, N. Chen, and Matthew Tirrell, J. Israelachvili
Published 2006 · Chemistry

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Using a surface forces apparatus (SFA), we have studied the adhesion and friction of polystyrene (PS) films on mica having various molecular weights from 580 Da (Tg = −45 °C) to 1300 Da (Tg = +39 °C) at temperatures T from 23 to 65 °C, i.e., below and above Tg. The purpose of these studies was to establish how different static and dynamic properties and surface deformations, i.e., the contact and adhesion mechanics, of detaching and shearing polymer films change as one passes through the glass transition temperature, i.e., from solidlike or glassy to liquidlike behavior. At T > Tg the polymers behave like liquids, and at low detachment and shearing rates their adhesion and friction forces are accounted by their surface energy and bulk viscosity, although fingering instabilities and cavitation accompany the detachment. For the higher MW polymers (T close to Tg), the adhesion and friction forces increasingly depend on the density of chain ends at the surfaces. The adhesion hysteresis peaked close to the bul...

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