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Addition Of Chitosan To Silicate Cross-linked PEO For Tuning Osteoblast Cell Adhesion And Mineralization.

A. Gaharwar, Patrick J. Schexnailder, Q. Jin, C. Wu, G. Schmidt
Published 2010 · Materials Science, Medicine

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The addition of chitosan to silicate (Laponite) cross-linked poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) is used for tuning nanocomposite material properties and tailoring cellular adhesion and bioactivity. By combining the characteristics of chitosan (which promotes cell adhesion and growth, antimicrobial) with properties of PEO (prevents protein and cell adhesion) and those of Laponite (bioactive), the resulting material properties can be used to tune cellular adhesion and control biomineralization. Here, we present the hydration, dissolution, degradation, and mechanical properties of multiphase bio-nanocomposites and relate these to the cell growth of MC3T3-E1 mouse preosteoblast cells. We find that the structural integrity of these bio-nanocomposites is improved by the addition of chitosan, but the release of entrapped proteins is suppressed. Overall, this study shows how chitosan can be used to tune properties in Laponite cross-linked PEO for creating bioactive scaffolds to be considered for bone repair.
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