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Bulk And Surface Characteristics Of Pure And Alkalized Mn2O3: TG, IR, XRD, XPS, Specific Adsorption And Redox Catalytic Studies

M. Zaki, M. Hasan, L. Pasupulety, K. Kumari
Published 1998 · Chemistry

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α-Mn2O3 (containing a minor proportion of Mn5O8) was obtained by calcination of pure MnO2 at 700°C for 2 h. It was alkalized by impregnation of the parent dioxide with potassium and barium nitrate solutions prior to the calcination. K-Mn2O3 (α-Mn2O3+KMn8O16) and Ba-Mn2O3 (α-Mn2O3) thus respectively produced were subjected, together with the unmodified Mn2O3, to the title bulk and surface characterization techniques. It has been implied that the alkalization improves the electron density and the mobility of lattice and surface oxygen species. As a result, the bulk thermochemical stability is reduced on heating in a CO atmosphere, and a capacity towards CO2 uptake is developed. Moreover, the surface catalytic behaviour towards CO oxidation in the gas phase is maintained, and the behaviour towards H2O2 decomposition in the liquid phase is considerably promoted.
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