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Temperature Dependence Of The Dark Conductivity And Photoconductivity In Evaporated Thin Films Of 1,4‐dithioketo‐3,6‐diphenyl‐pyrrolo‐ [3,4‐c]‐pyrrole Under A High Vacuum Or In The Atmosphere Of Oxygen Or Hydrogen

J. Mizuguchi
Published 1989 · Chemistry

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The temperature dependence of dark conductivity and photoconductivity has been investigated in evaporated thin films of 1,4‐dithioketo‐3,6‐diphenyl‐pyrrolo‐[3,4‐c]‐pyrrole (DTPP) under a high vacuum or in the atmosphere of oxygen or of hydrogen. This investigation aims at examining the influence of an electron‐accepting impurity (O2 ) or of an electron‐donating impurity (H2 ) on the photoconductive properties of DTPP under practical conditions for electrophotographic photoreceptors. The dark conductivity and photoconductivity are found to be scarcely affected by these gases at room temperature. Although some influence appears at elevated temperatures, it is well within the tolerance acceptance in practical operations of electrophotographic photoreceptors.
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