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Parallel Human Genome Analysis: Microarray-based Expression Monitoring Of 1000 Genes.

M. Schena, D. Shalon, R. Heller, A. Chai, P. Brown, R. Davis
Published 1996 · Biology, Medicine

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Microarrays containing 1046 human cDNAs of unknown sequence were printed on glass with high-speed robotics. These 1.0-cm2 DNA "chips" were used to quantitatively monitor differential expression of the cognate human genes using a highly sensitive two-color hybridization assay. Array elements that displayed differential expression patterns under given experimental conditions were characterized by sequencing. The identification of known and novel heat shock and phorbol ester-regulated genes in human T cells demonstrates the sensitivity of the assay. Parallel gene analysis with microarrays provides a rapid and efficient method for large-scale human gene discovery.
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