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Cluster Analysis And Display Of Genome-wide Expression Patterns.

M. Eisen, P. Spellman, P. Brown, D. Botstein
Published 1998 · Medicine, Biology

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A system of cluster analysis for genome-wide expression data from DNA microarray hybridization is described that uses standard statistical algorithms to arrange genes according to similarity in pattern of gene expression. The output is displayed graphically, conveying the clustering and the underlying expression data simultaneously in a form intuitive for biologists. We have found in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae that clustering gene expression data groups together efficiently genes of known similar function, and we find a similar tendency in human data. Thus patterns seen in genome-wide expression experiments can be interpreted as indications of the status of cellular processes. Also, coexpression of genes of known function with poorly characterized or novel genes may provide a simple means of gaining leads to the functions of many genes for which information is not available currently.
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the authors request the following correction One of the authors, Randa Zakhary, was deleted from the final published paper. The correct author and affiliation lines are as follows
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