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Competitive Enzyme-liked Immunoassay With Use Of Soluble Enzyme/antibody Immune Complexes For Labeling. I. Measurement Of Human Choriogonadotropin.

D E Yorde, E A Sasse, T Y Wang, R O Hussa, J C Garancis

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Abstract We described the principle of a new enzyme-immunoassay, competitive enzyme-liked immunoassay (CELIA), for quantitative measurement of soluble antigens and haptens. In the assay, binding of antibody to antigen-immunosorbent is competitively inhibited by the free antigen to be measured. The amount of first antibody bound to the immunosorbent is measured by an enzymatic technique in which a heterologous bridging antibody and a soluble antibody/enzyme immune complex are applied in sequence. The soluble complex we used was rabbit antiperoxidase/horseradish peroxidase. Peroxidase activity is inversely proportional to the concentration in the original sample of the substance to be assayed. The enzyme-linked reagents are potentially widely applicable to any substance to be measured. To demonstrate the feasibility of CELIA, we report a preliminary study of its application to the measurement of human chloriogonadotropin in serum and urine. The assay described for this hormone has a working range of 1 to 50 int. units per milliliter of sample. The technique obviates the disadvantages associated with measurement and handling of radioisotopes in radioimmunoassays and the only major instrumentation required is a centrifuge and a conventional spectrophotometer.