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Can Obesity Affect Female Sexuality?

Ihab Younis, Sherine H. Abdel-Rahman, Menha I. Abdelfattah, Mona A. Al-Awady
Published 2013 · Medicine

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PurposeThis study aimed to assess whether obesity can affect female sexuality. Patients and methodsA case–control study was carried out on a sample of Egyptian women using a self-filled questionnaire. A group of 60 obese women (BMI<30 kg/cm2) and a matching group of 30 nonobese women (controls) participated in this study. They answered a questionnaire that included 20 questions covering four domains (demographic data, assessment of female sexual function, weight image variables, and verbal or physical abuse by husbands). All women were free from diseases known to affect sexual function. ResultsNonsignificant differences were found between obese and nonobese women in terms of arousal, ability to reach orgasm, and occurrence of unprovoked desire to have sex. The most preferred coital positions were rear entry in the obese group and man on top in the lean group. The practice of oral and anal sex was uncommon for both groups. Satisfaction with sexual life was significantly higher in the nonobese group. There was a statistical correlation between weight loss and improvement in libido. Three quarters of obese women reported being verbally abused by their husbands because of their body shape. ConclusionThere is a tendency for obese women to be inferior to their lean counterparts in many aspects of sexual functioning. Weight loss seems to be useful in boosting libido in obese women.
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