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X. The Intracranial Vascular System Of Sphenodon

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In the course of my investigations on the Pineal Apparatus of the Tuatara ( Sphenodon punctas ) I have found it desirable to make as complete a study as possible of the arrangement of the intracranial arteries and veins, of which no description has as yet been published. As any facts relating to the structure of Sphenodon are of more than usual interest, and as I hope to be able to give a more complete account of the subject than has yet been given for any reptile, I have decided to offer my results for publication as a separate memoir, without waiting for the completion of my work on the pineal organs. The blood-vessels have been investigated partly by dissection and partly by means of serial sections, and such completeness of detail as I have been able to attain is very largely due to the adoption of a method of fixing and hardening which I have found to have many advantages both for the study of the vascular system and of the brain itself. By this method the entire contents of the cranial cavity are fixed and hardened in situ , and are then in excellent condition either for dissection or for histological purposes. The application of the method in the case of Sphenodon is greatly facilitated by the fact that the brain does not occupy nearly the whole of the cranial cavity, a large subdural space being left, especially above the brain, across which numerous blood-vessels run, together with delicate strands of connective tissue which connect the dura mater with the pia .