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Predictive Value Of Direct Nitrate Reductase Assay And Its Clinical Performance In The Detection Of Multi- And Extensively Drug-resistant Tuberculosis.

B. Imperiale, N. Morcillo, J. Palomino, P. Vandamme, A. Martin
Published 2014 · Medicine

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Conventional culture and drug susceptibility testing (DST) methods for Mycobacterium tuberculosis are laborious and time consuming. For this reason alternative rapid culture and DST techniques are urgently needed to shorten the time for drug-resistance detection. A total of 222 smear-positive sputum samples were evaluated by the direct nitrate reductase assay (D-NRA) on Lowenstein-Jensen medium, for the rapid and simultaneous detection of resistance to isoniazid, rifampicin, kanamycin and ofloxacin. p-Nitrobenzoic acid was also included for identification of the M. tuberculosis complex. Results were compared with the BACTEC MGIT 960 as gold standard. The general performance of the D-NRA was very good, reaching a global value of 97 %. D-NRA had a turn-around time of 16.9 days to obtain results while that of the indirect MGIT 960 system was 29 days. D-NRA is a low-cost technology, easy to set up in clinical laboratories and suitable to be used for DST of M. tuberculosis in all smear-positive samples.
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