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Oxygen-vacancy-related Low-frequency Dielectric Relaxation And Electrical Conduction In B I : S R T I O 3

Chen Ang, Zhi Yu, Leslie Eric Cross
Published 2000 · Physics
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The temperature dependence of dielectric properties and electrical conduction of $({\mathrm{Sr}}_{1\ensuremath{-}1.5x}{\mathrm{Bi}}_{x}){\mathrm{TiO}}_{3} (0.0133l~xl~0.133)$ was measured from 10 to 800 K. Three sets of oxygen vacancies related dielectric peaks (peaks A, B, and $C)$ were observed. These peaks could be greatly suppressed or eliminated by annealing the samples in an oxidizing atmosphere, and enhanced or recreated by annealing in a reducing atmosphere. The results show that the Maxwell-Wagner polarization is not the main mechanism, and the Skanavi's model also cannot be directly applied. A tentative explanation was suggested. Peak A, observed in the temperature range of 100\char21{}350 K with the activation energy for dielectric relaxation ${E}_{\mathrm{relaxA}}=0.32\char21{}0.49$ eV, is attributed to the coupling effect of the conduction electrons with the motion of the off-centered Bi and Ti ions; the conduction carriers in this temperature range are from the first ionization of oxygen vacancies ${(V}_{o}).$ Peaks B and C are also discussed.
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