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Principle Of Least Decoherence For Newtonian Semiclassical Gravity

Antoine Tilloy, L. Diósi
Published 2017 · Physics

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Recent works have proved that semi-classical theories of gravity needed not be fundamentally inconsistent, at least in the Newtonian regime. Using the machinery of continuous measurement theory and feedback, it was shown that one could construct well behaved models of hybrid quantum-classical dynamics at the price of an imposed (non unique) decoherence structure. We introduce a principle of least decoherence (PLD) which allows to naturally single out a unique model from all the available options; up to some unspecified short distance regularization scale. Interestingly, the resulting model is found to coincide with the old --erstwhile only heuristically motivated-- proposal of Penrose and one of us for gravity-related spontaneous decoherence and collapse. Finally, this letter suggests that it is in the submillimeter behavior of gravity that new phenomena might be found.
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