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Monitoring Of Soil Parameters For Effective Irrigation Using Wireless Sensor Networks

B. Balaji Bhanu, M. A. Hussain, Prasad Ande
Published 2014 · Computer Science

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WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) has attracted the attention of researchers due to its wide applicability to various fields such as disaster management, health and environment monitoring, agriculture, ecology, industrial automation and in military field applications like battlefield surveillance etc. In agricultural ecosystem -situ - continuous smart monitoring of soil parameters like humidity, pH, irrigation control systems etc. can be measured using WSN with high end precision. In this manuscript, we propose to develop a WSN based Dynamic and Automated Irrigation System design and instrumentation. This process maintains soil type and software for real time sensing and control of agricultural irrigation system. The efficiency of irrigation systems can be enhanced by automated remote sensing and continuous analysis of soil parameters. Thus the data acquired is useful to the agricultural sector, namely pest management, irrigation management and soil management. Ultimately, this reduces the fresh water consumption and irrigation costs by maximizing the crop yield.
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