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SAMS: A Seamless And Authorized Multimedia Streaming Framework For WMSN-Based IoMT

M. Jan, M. Usman, X. He, Ateeq Ur Rehman
Published 2019 · Computer Science

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An Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) architecture aims to provide a support for real-time multimedia applications by using wireless multimedia sensor nodes that are deployed for a long-term usage. These nodes are capable of capturing both multimedia and nonmultimedia data, and form a network known as Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN). In a WMSN, underlying routing protocols need to provide an acceptable level of Quality of Service (QoS) support for multimedia traffic. In this paper, we propose a Seamless and Authorized Streaming (SAMS) framework for a cluster-based hierarchical WMSN. The SAMS uses authentication at different levels to form secured clusters. The formation of these clusters allows only legitimate nodes to transmit captured data to their Cluster Heads (CHs). Each node senses the environment, stores captured data in its buffer, and waits for its turn to transmit to its CH. This waiting may result in an excessive packet-loss and end-to-end delay for multimedia traffic. To address these issues, a channel allocation approach is proposed for an intercluster communication. In the case of a buffer overflow, a member node in one cluster switches to a neighboring CH provided that the latter has an available channel for allocation. The experimental results show that the SAMS provides an acceptable level of QoS and enhances security of an underlying network.
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