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Sensor-Chain: A Lightweight Scalable Blockchain Framework For Internet Of Things

Abdur R. Shahid, N. Pissinou, Corey Staier, R. Kwan
Published 2019 · Computer Science

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The Internet of Things (IoT), forming the foundation of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), connects a huge number of ubiquitous sensing and mobile computing devices. The mobile IoT systems generate an enormous volume of a variety of dynamic context data and typically count on centralized architectures to process them. However, their inability to ensure security and decline in communication efficiency and response time with the increase in the size of IoT network are some of the many concerning weaknesses that are holding back the fast-paced growth of IoT. Realizing the limitations of centralized systems, recently blockchain-based decentralized architecture is being considered as the key to redesigning the IoT systems in a way that is designed to be secure, transparent, highly resistant to outages, auditable, and efficient. However, before realizing the new promise of blockchain for IoT, there are significant challenges to address. One fundamental challenge is the scale issue around data collection, storage, and analytic as IoT sensor devices possess limited computational power and storage capabilities. In particular, since the chain is always growing, IoT devices require more and more resources. Thus, an oversized chain poses storage and scalability problems. With this in mind, the overall goal of our research is to design a lightweight scalable blockchain framework for IoT of mobile devices. This framework, coined as "Sensor-Chain", promises a new generation of lightweight blockchain management with a superior reduction in resource consumption, and at the same time capable of retaining critical information about the IoT systems of mobile devices.
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