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Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension And Obesity, And Health-related Quality Of Life In Gaziantep, A Central South-eastern City In Turkey.

O. Ucan, N. Ovayolu
Published 2010 · Medicine

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The main goal of nursing care should be to increase health-related quality of life as well as improve the medical status of patients with chronic disease. For this reason, this study aims to evaluate and compare the health-related quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity in Gaziantep, a south-eastern city in Turkey. BACKGROUND Diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity are the most decisive factors in terms of adversely affecting health-related quality of life. DESIGN A cross-sectional, descriptive design was used. METHOD In this study, the research population included a total of 1601 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity patients. To evaluate health-related quality of life of patients, Short Form-36 (SF-36) was used. Student's t-test, one-way anova and chi-square analyses were used for comparisons between groups. RESULTS In total, 18·1% of patients had combined obesity, hypertension and diabetes mellitus; 16·1% had hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Approximately 16·1% had only hypertension; 15·4% had obesity and hypertension; 13·3% had diabetes mellitus; 12·7% had obesity and diabetes mellitus; and 8·4% had obesity. The health-related quality of life physical component mean scores of patients with combined obesity and hypertension were lower than that of the other groups (p < 0·05). Health-related quality of life physical component mean scores were determined as 34·5 (SD 0·4), and mental component mean scores were determined as 43·9 (SD 4·4). Health-related quality of life physical component mean scores of moderately active patients were higher, while older age and lower educational and income levels had a negative effect on health-related quality of life (p < 0·05). CONCLUSION Diabetes, hypertension and obesity decrease patient health-related quality of life while physical activity increases it. The coexistence of obesity and hypertension, in particular, has a more negative effect on health-related quality of life. RELEVANCE TO CLINICAL PRACTICE Patients with hypertension, obesity and diabetes mellitus need professional support from nurse. Frequent health-related quality of life evaluation and support is required for chronic patients, especially for those who are older, have lower educational and income levels and those with more than one chronic disease.
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