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Phase-linked Variations In The Amplitude Of The Digastric Nerve Jaw-opening Reflex Response During Fictive Mastication In The Rabbit.

J. Lund, S. Enomoto, H. Hayashi, K. Hiraba, M. Katoh, Y. Nakamura, Y. Sahara, M. Taira
Published 1983 · Chemistry, Medicine

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The diagastric nerve reflex response to stimulation of the upper lip was studied in urethan-anesthetized rabbits paralysed with pancuronium bromide. Rhythmic bursts of masticatory activity were evoked in the nerve by repetitive electrical stimulation of the motor cortex. The amplitude and latency of the reflex responses during fictive mastication were compared with preceding control values. When stimuli close to threshold were given, the largest and earliest responses occurred during the digastric burst. When intense stimuli were employed, the largest responses were out of phase with the burst, although the latency was still shortest when the motoneurons were rhythmically active. Since the pattern is essentially the same as that seen during normal mastication, we conclude that the cyclical modulation of reflex amplitude and latency is not the result of sensory feedback generated by the movements themselves but is instead governed by the central motor program.

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