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Current Status Of Pearl Millet Downy Mildew Prevalence Across Agroecological Zones Of Senegal

Yedomon Ange Bovys Zoclanclounon, Ghislain Kanfany, Aboubacry Kane, Daniel Foncéka, Georgina Lala Ehemba, Fatmata Ly
Published 2019 · Medicine
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Pearl millet is a dominant staple cereal crop for smallholder farmers in Senegal. However, the crop is constrained by various nonbiotic and biotic stresses such as downy mildew disease. To assess the prevalence of this disease in Senegal, a field survey was conducted during the rainy season of 2017 across eight main pearl millet production regions following latitudinal gradient with different climatic conditions. Results showed that downy mildew prevalence was higher in Kaolack (incidence = 68.19%), Kaffrine (incidence = 77.19%), Tambacounda (incidence = 97.03%), Sedhiou (incidence = 82.78%), and Kolda (incidence = 98.01%) than Thies (incidence = 28.21%), Diourbel (incidence = 24.46%), and Fatick (incidence = 37.75%) regions. The field survey revealed an incidence as high as 98% and 28% of infected area in surveyed fields. Significant correlations between geographic coordinates, disease incidence, and infected areas were also observed. This study provided information that could help to understand the prevalence of downy mildew in pearl millet in Senegal.
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