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Poly(ethylene Oxide) Star Molecules: Synthesis, Characterization, And Applications In Medicine And Biology.

E. Merrill
Published 1993 · Medicine

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Festschrift remark-It was an honor to be invited to honor Allan Hoffman on the occasion of his 60th birthday. It seems like yesterday that Allan and I shared an office in old Building 12 on the M.I.T. campus. At that time Allan had lost a bout with a snow covered mountain while on skis, and consequently moved about awkwardly in our already small room on crutches with a heavy cast. Despite these impediments, he carried on his classroom activities with typical energy. It was even earlier that at M.I.T., under the supervision of Ed Gilliland and myself, he carried out his doctoral research on the radiation grafting of styrene to polyethylene. Both he and I have dabbled in radiation chemistry on and off since then-he far more than I. Neither of us at that epoch had much idea about biomaterials or medical applications of materials-at least I did not-perhaps Allan had it in the back of his mind. The University of Washington, Seattle, is recognized as one of the great centers of biomedical engineering in the wor...
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