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An In Vivo Root Hair Assay For Determining Rates Of Apoptotic-like Programmed Cell Death In Plants

Bridget V Hogg, Joanna Kacprzyk, Elizabeth M Molony, Conor O’Reilly, Thomas F. Gallagher, Patrick Gallois, Paul F. McCabe
Published 2011 · Medicine, Biology
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In Arabidopsis thaliana we demonstrate that dying root hairs provide an easy and rapid in vivo model for the morphological identification of apoptotic-like programmed cell death (AL-PCD) in plants. The model described here is transferable between species, can be used to investigate rates of AL-PCD in response to various treatments and to identify modulation of AL-PCD rates in mutant/transgenic plant lines facilitating rapid screening of mutant populations in order to identify genes involved in AL-PCD regulation.
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