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Modelling Perceived Quality In Fruit Products

M. A. S. Alonso, Jean-Paul Paquin, J. L. Mangin
Published 2002 · Psychology

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Abstract Quality is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, the firm's marketing strategy must be carried out by taking into consideration not only the consumers' objectively measurable needs and expectations but also their subjective perceptions as to what actually constitutes a quality product. Turning to Olson and Jacoby's distinction regarding the difference between a product's intrinsic and extrinsic attributes, the authors performed the estimation of structural equation models in order to assess the contribution of fruit product attributes to the Spanish consumers' perception of quality. In this article, the authors demonstrate that: (a) perceived quality in fruit products is a multidimensional concept depending on both intrinsic and extrinsic attributes; (b) intrinsic attributes exert a greater influence on perceived quality in fruit products than do extrinsic attributes; and (c) a very limited number of attributes (only seven out of twenty) stand out as being statistically significant to the consumers' perception of quality in fruit products. Finally, they provide statistical estimates pertaining to the relative contribution of the most significant intrinsic and extrinsic attributes to perceived quality in fruit products.
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