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Pharmacokinetic Evaluation Of Pomalidomide For The Treatment Of Myeloma

Francesca Gay, Roberto Mina, Rossella Troia, S Bringhen
Published 2013 · Medicine
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Introduction: Multiple myeloma (MM) patients who relapse, or become refractory to currently available novel agents, have limited treatment options with poor outcomes. The introductions of the newer proteasome inhibitor carfilzomib and the immunomodulatory agent pomalidomide have provided new treatment strategies within the relapse setting. Pomalidomide, a novel 4-amino derived from thalidomide, was recently introduced for the treatment of MM. In addition to being immune-adjuvant with anti-inflammatory properties, pomalidomide has shown several biological activities that directly and indirectly inhibit MM cells. Areas covered: Herein, the authors review the chemistry, the mechanism of action and the pharmacokinetic properties of pomalidomide. The data reviewed within this article based on the relevant literature pertaining to pomalidomide's Phase I, II and III clinical trials. Expert opinion: Pomalidomide has shown to be a safe and active agent, both alone and in combination with dexamethasone, in heavily pretreated patients. Furthermore, pomalidomide represents an effective treatment option for relapsed/refractory patients. Results from the ongoing trials evaluating the synergistic activity of pomalidomide combined with conventional chemotherapy or novel agents look promising and may prove to be viable treatment options in the future.
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