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Relação Entre Características Antropométricas E Função Sexual Feminina

C. Sacomori, F. L. Cardoso, Ana C. S. Souza, I. Porto, A. A. Cardoso
Published 2013 · Psychology

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Introduction : It is known that obesity and overweight adversely affect female sexual function. The objective of this study was to evaluate the relationship bet we n anthropometric variables (body mass, body mass index and waist-hip ratio) an d sexual function. Method: The study included 197 women aged 18 to 75 years which were evaluated with a digital scale, stadiometer and a measuring tape and answered the Female Sexual Function Index quest ionnaire. Results: It was found a positive correlation between waist circumference and dyspare unia. The higher the value of waist-hip ratio the l ess desire and arousal was reported. In overweighed wom en a positive correlation of waist circumference wi th sexual function and sexual desire was found. The no rmal weight women felt more sexually satisfied than those with overweight and obesity (Kruskal Wallis = 6.1, p = .048). Conclusion: The data indicate that body mass, BMI and measures of waist and hip circum ference can exert influence on female sexual function particularly relating to levels of self-pe rc ption of physical attractiveness.
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