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Tramadol Reduces Testicular Damage Of Ischemia-reperfusion Rats

A. Asghari, G. Akbari, Abbas Mohammad Beigi, P. Mortazavi
Published 2016 · Medicine

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The main purpose of this study was to determine effect of tramadol administration on testis histology and oxidative stress experimental on testicular ischemia-reperfusion injury in male Wistar rats. Twenty-four male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four experimental groups. The Sham group (A): no medication was employed; abdominal cavity was opened but no ischemia-reperfusion-induced. The ischemia-reperfusion group (B): abdominal cavity was opened, testicular ischemia-reperfusion-induced without pre-medication. Ischemia-reperfusion +20 mg/kg tramadol group (C), animal orally administrated with Tramadol (20 mg/kg) for 1 week prior testicular ischemia-reperfusion. Ischemia-reperfusion +40 mg/kg tramadol group (D) was similar to group C, but the animals received 40 mg/kg tramadol instead of 20 mg/kg. In all experimental groups, animals were exposed to midline laparotomy with occlusion of the infrarenal aortic for 1 h ischemia by 24 h of reperfusion in the left testis. After 24 h, the abdomen was opened, the left testis extracted for histopathological studies. Semen samples from caudal epididymis were collected to determine malondialdehyde, superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and total antioxidant status. According to the data, testicular ischemia-reperfusion degenerated seminiferous tubules and spermatogenesis in animals (P < 0.05). Administration of 40 mg/kg of tramadol protect testicular against ischemia-reperfusion injury (P < 0.05). Administration of 40mg/kg tramadol increased superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase while diminished malondialdehyde levels in testicular ischemia-reperfusion injury (P < 0.05). These results suggest tramadol might be a potent agent in preventing testicular IR injury.
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