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The Effect Test Of The Mediation Between Specific Psychosocial Hazards On Elementary Teachers’ Job Demands And Their Work Well-being

Yu-Hsi Yuan, Jin-Chuan Lee, Wei-Wen Chang, Chen-Chu Liang
Published 2020 · Psychology

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The study aims to discover how to enhance teachers' well-being, health, self-efficacy at schools, and how to alleviate their stress and burnout conditions so that teachers' teaching and students' learning outcomes would be greatly improved. A designed survey using questionnaires that retrieved from literature consisted of three factors and 44 items. The 67 valid responses for pre-test and 944 participants were sampled in 56 schools of Taiwan for the formal survey. The data were put into mediation effect test of teaching-related psychosocial hazards factors by SPSS. Result supported that the mediation intensity of teaching-related psychosocial hazards have a significant weakening mediation effect on the positive relationship between work resources and work well-being. It demonstrated that among teaching-related psychosocial hazards, lesson disturbances and conflicts with parents are highly hazardous to their work well-being. In consequence, their teaching efficiency, teaching passions, and teaching performance could be impacted negatively.
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