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Targeted Phototherapy For Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Near-Infrared Photoimmunotherapy Targeting Podoplanin

Y. Nishinaga, Kazuhide Sato, Hirotoshi Yasui, S. Taki, K. Takahashi, M. Shimizu, Rena Endo, Chiaki Koike, Noriko Kuramoto, S. Nakamura, T. Fukui, H. Yukawa, Yoshinobu Baba, Mika K. Kaneko, T. Chen-Yoshikawa, Hisataka Kobayashi, Y. Kato, Y. Hasegawa
Published 2020 · Medicine

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Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) has extremely limited treatment despite a poor prognosis. Moreover, molecular targeted therapy for MPM has not yet been implemented; thus, a new targeted therapy is highly desirable. Near-infrared photoimmunotherapy (NIR-PIT) is a recently developed cancer therapy that combines the specificity of antibodies for targeting tumors with toxicity induced by the photoabsorber after exposure to NIR-light. In this study, we developed a new phototherapy targeting podoplanin (PDPN) for MPM with the use of both NIR-PIT and an anti-PDPN antibody, NZ-1. An antibody–photosensitizer conjugate consisting of NZ-1 and phthalocyanine dye was synthesized. In vitro NIR-PIT-induced cytotoxicity was measured with both dead cell staining and luciferase activity on various MPM cell lines. In vivo NIR-PIT was examined in both the flank tumor and orthotopic mouse model with in vivo real-time imaging. In vitro NIR-PIT-induced cytotoxicity was NIR-light dose dependent. In vivo NIR-PIT led to significant reduction in both tumor volume and luciferase activity in a flank model (p < 0.05, NIR-PIT group versus NZ-1-IR700 group). The PDPN-targeted NIR-PIT resulted in a significant antitumor effect in an MPM orthotopic mouse model (p < 0.05, NIR-PIT group versus NZ-1-IR700 group). This study suggests that PDPN-targeted NIR-PIT could be a new promising treatment for MPM.
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