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Preparation And Characterization Of Chitosan-Coated Pectin Aerogels: Curcumin Case Study

Milica Pantić, Gabrijela Horvat, Željko Knez, Zoran Novak

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The following study describes the preparation of pectin aerogels and pectin aerogels coated with an external layer of chitosan. For the preparation of chitosan-coated pectin aerogels, a modified coating procedure was employed. Since pectin as well as pectin aerogels are highly water soluble, a function of chitosan coating is to slow down the dissolution of pectin and consequently the release of the active substances. Textural properties, surface morphologies, thermal properties, and functional groups of prepared aerogels were determined. Results indicated that the coating procedure affected the textural properties of pectin aerogels, resulting in smaller specific surface areas of 276 m2/g, compared to 441 m2/g. However, chitosan-coated pectin aerogels still retained favorable properties for carriers of active substances. The case study for prepared aerogels was conducted with curcumin. Prior to in-vitro release studies, swelling studies were performed. Curcumin’s dissolution from both aerogels showed to be successful. Pectin aerogels released curcumin in 3 h showing a burst release profile. Chitosan-coated pectin aerogels prolonged curcumin release up to 24 h, thus showing a controlled release profile.