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Unidirectional Enhanced Dipolar Emission With An Individual Dielectric Nanoantenna

Tianyue Zhang, Jian Xu, Zi-Lan Deng, Dejiao Hu, Fei Qin, Xiangping Li

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Light manipulation at the nanoscale is the vanguard of plasmonics. Controlling light radiation into a desired direction in parallel with high optical signal enhancement is still a challenge for designing ultracompact nanoantennas far below subwavelength dimensions. Here, we theoretically demonstrate the unidirectional emissions from a local nanoemitter coupled to a hybrid nanoantenna consisting of a plasmonic dipole antenna and an individual silicon nanorod. The emitter near-field was coupled to the dipolar antenna plasmon resonance to achieve a strong radiative decay rate modification, and the emitting plasmon pumped the multipoles within the silicon nanorod for efficient emission redirection. The hybrid antenna sustained a high forward directivity (i.e., a front-to-back ratio of 30 dB) with broadband operating wavelengths in the visible range (i.e., a spectral bandwidth of 240 nm). This facilitated a large library of plasmonic nanostructures to be incorporated, from single element dipole antennas to gap antennas. The proposed hybrid optical nanorouter with ultracompact structural dimensions of 0.08 λ2 was capable of spectrally sorting the emission from the local point source into distinct far-field directions, as well as possessing large emission gains introduced by the nanogap. The distinct features of antenna designs hold potential in the areas of novel nanoscale light sources, biosensing, and optical routing.